SlackJaw the Clown (OUT OF STOCK TEMPORARILY) use to be a big talker until all the other clowns got tired of his ramblings. They took it upon themselves to remove his lower jaw in hopes of shutting him up.  It worked but only until he found another jaw.

Made with high tear resistant latex and hand painted in fine detail. His jaw is made with a tough plastic resin and painted just right.  SlackJaw is made with a flexible pullover inner shell to ensure a great fit.

He can be made custom clean details, different color scheme or with as much gore as you want. Your imagination is the only limit to customizing.

$150.00 – plus shipping

* Each mask is hand made and custom designed that could vary slightly from the images.
* Please email for details or custom painting on this item.
* All pricing is in Canadian currency.
*For sanitary reasons, and the overall safety of our customers, we DO NOT accept returns.
* Payments are made by email money transfer or Paypal.